Optimizing Management in Pit Lanes: The Key to Success in Pit Stops

In the thrilling world of Motorsport, pit stops are critical moments that can define the outcome of a race. Effective management in the pit lanes is essential to maximizing a team’s performance and ensuring a competitive edge on the track. In this regard, pit lane systems, including control panels and specialized lights, play an essential […]

The Importance of Control Software in Motorsport Events

In the frenetic world of Motorsport, where precision and coordination are key, the success of an event depends not only on the roar of engines and the skill of drivers, but also on efficient management behind the scenes. In this regard, control software plays a fundamental role in the organization and flawless execution of every […]


The Autódromo Internacional de Termas de Río Hondo is a racetrack located on the outskirts of the city of the same name, on the banks of the reservoir of the same name, in the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Its 4,400mts. length makes it one of the longest in the country and it has […]


The 4,220-metre Most circuit is one of the most iconic racetracks in the Czech Republic. Most is a regular venue for the European Truck Championship as well as local competitions and features a full Pixelcom ligh signalling system, with Digital flags, FIA FIM start lights, Starting Light Control software, Pit exit lights and Jump Start […]


Balaton Park Circuit is a 4,115 kilometre racetrack located near Balatonfőkajár, Hungary. The track is designed to host regional and international racing events and is built to the highest FIA and FIM standards and regulations. The circuit has 16 corners  and features our permanent solutions of hardware and software that will contribute to reinforcing the […]


Rudskogen Motorsenter is Norway’s oldest asphalt racing circuit. The current motorbike and car racing track is 3.254 km long and races for cars and motorbikes are organised there in a variety of classes and the track is also privately hired for corporate events and organisational training. The circuit also has Pixelcom signalling systems such as […]


The Paul Ricard circuit is one of the great circuits of speed and a reference in the world of motorsport at an international level. Le Castellet is 5,842 metres long with 15 bends, 9 on the right and 6 on the left, with a width of 12 metres. To this day, it is still one […]

Electronic flags

Electronic flags Electronic flags Testing signalling Thanks to their display versatility, Digital Flags can display various flag colours and graphic flags. They are controlled by a remote control and specialised Control Software. Pathway signalling Pathway Signalling is a signalling system used on two-way roads. Traffic signals help to indicate which lane is open and closed […]

Detection systems

Detection systems Detection systems Detection systems The Detection system is a radar system with the capability to detect vehicles. By signalling the presence of a vehicle in combination with traffic lights, it allows for automatic management of daily operations in proving grounds.

Additional displays

Additional displays Additional displays Additional displays Pixelcom provides a diverse range of display solutions to address different needs in motorsport facilities. The combination of high-quality screens and control software, tailored to showcase the right content at the right location and time, offers a wide array of solutions and opportunities for track managers. Race information panels […]