Electronic flags

Electronic flags Electronic flags Testing signalling Thanks to their display versatility, Digital Flags can display various flag colours and graphic flags. They are controlled by a remote control and specialised Control Software. Pathway signalling Pathway Signalling is a signalling system used on two-way roads. Traffic signals help to indicate which lane is open and closed […]

Detection systems

Detection systems Detection systems Detection systems The Detection system is a radar system with the capability to detect vehicles. By signalling the presence of a vehicle in combination with traffic lights, it allows for automatic management of daily operations in proving grounds.

Additional displays

Additional displays Additional displays Additional displays Pixelcom provides a diverse range of display solutions to address different needs in motorsport facilities. The combination of high-quality screens and control software, tailored to showcase the right content at the right location and time, offers a wide array of solutions and opportunities for track managers. Race information panels […]

Digit counters

Digit counters Digit counters Digit Counters Our two-digit counters are capable of displaying a wide variety of LED colours and digit sizes. They offer the flexibility to manually display information such as laps, heat, session, race, etc. These digit counters are controlled wirelessly through a user-friendly remote control.

Additional LED signalling

Additional Led signalling Additional LED signalling Additional LED Signalling Pixelcom’s safety lights, originally designed for racing circuits, are versatile and also suitable for various other motorsports such as MX, RX, autocross, and more. They are especially effective in large karting facilities where certain flags need to be positioned far from the track, providing an ideal […]

Starting light system

Starting Light System Starting light system Starting light systems Pixelcom’s starting lights encompass all race procedures, featuring three different light disc sizes to suit various needs. From portable compact units to large installations for top-tier venues. LATEST TECHNOLOGY LEDS FOR PERFECT VISION IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS CONTROLLED VIA REMOTE CONTROL CONSOLE AND RACE CONTROL SOFTWARE […]

Other services

OTHER SERVICES Services for karting business.   ON LINE   ON SITE   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR All the services to start up and improve your rental karting business Software, hardware and services to improve your karting facilities, with specific training for your staff and all the solutions you need. We listen to you and […]


PRODUCTS Electronic scoreboards, timers and scoreboards for events and matches.   Software for Video Scoreboards   Electronic Scoreboards   Electronic Timers   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR   Video Scoreboards   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR Electronic scoreboards for sporting events Pixelcom has electronic scoreboards for a wide variety of sports. Each design is perfectly adapted to […]

Other Motorsports

OTHER MOTORSPORTS Solutions adapted to other motorsport disciplines.   Starting light systems   Other led signaling   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR   Digit counters   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR   Other displays   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR Other Motorsports Pixelcom has diversified its solutions to adapt to other motorsport disciplines, such as rallycross, motocross, autocross, […]

Proving Grounds

PROVING GROUNDS Controlled and safe testing area.   Software   Electronic flags   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR   Detection systems   Contenido QUE PODEMOS PUCLICAR Best solutions for proving grounds Proving grounds incorporate a number of activities around the facility (emergency stop areas, dynamic areas, loss control simulation, steep slopes, etc.) to test vehicles in […]