Also known as “digital flags”, Pixelcom’s led panel safety lights are used as variable message display. They may display flat colors (green, red, yellow, red, etc.) and graphical information (checkered flag, black flag, mechanical problems, un-sport conduct, etc, combined with vehicle number). In adittion, they have a back repeater to provide information for marshals, race direction and broadcasting. These features substantially increase safety and provide a new standard for fixed and mobile installations.

Main advantages:

  • Increases the visibility of the flags and dramatically improving visibility in all weather conditions.

  • Marshal will be free to attend track incidents rather than having to be waving flags.

  • Electronic flags can be installed in spots where the marshals cannot physically be. In the other sense, Marshals can be placed in safer areas, not so close to the circuit.

  • Electronic flags can be controlled locally by marshals and through race direction.

These features substantially increase the safety of drivers and reduce operating costs in any type of circuit.


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