Personal displays for karting

Offer your customers a complete karting equipment. Install a personal dashboard on the karts showing each driver’s times and offer them direct information to control their session and times.

Number of elapsed laps

Position in the race

Elapsed/remaining minutes

Includes all the control and shutdown functions of our PS-SPEED devices



Display for PRO karts

Offer a professional experience, give detailed information to the driver. Stand out your top-level karts. This device is the perfect complement for top-level competitions. Includes all the PS-DIGIT features and also:

Personalized welcome message with the name of the assigned driver.

LED RPM counter

Gap with the driver ahead

Flag signalling

Brightness sensor

Personal time lap expressed in hundredths

Name of the driver ahead and the following driver and much more…

Easy visualization

Drivers have on the steering wheel, in front of their eyes, all the information regarding their time, laps made and race time.

Improve competitiveness

Drivers can improve their marks if they are aware of all the data offered by the scoreboard on the wheel, improving competitiveness on the track.

Help function

If there is a problem, the driver can press the HELP button so a message will be sent to alert track operators. This is a very important feature to keep safety at the highest standards.


Images of product