Timing software for karting

PixelTiming track management solution is the most complete on the market. It offers a large number of functions to perform routine tasks comfortably and easily.

Our timing software for rental karting adapts to any track operation you want to use in your business.

It incorporates many features that will make your day to day much easier and will offer a first level experience to your customers.

Timing and Operations Karting

Arrive & Drive operating mode (registration of participants is not obligatory)

Operation in local mode (no internet needed to work)

Race planner and scheduler

Possible to modify race parameters while a race is live

Different reporting modes

History of races and best laps

Multiple race modes

Printing reports and sending automatic e-mails at the end of each race

Reassignment of karts to drivers in case of breakdown during the race.

Multiple ways to assign karts to drivers

Adapted to all types of track operations

Compatible with all timing systems

Integration software and hardware

Integration of software and hardware

Our track system offers the best integration between the equipment and the necessary software for track activity.

Compatible with 100% of hardware brands

Complete integration software-hardware

Automatic control of starting lights

Automatic control of safety lights

Integration of shutdown system and speed control for karts

Indoor and outdoor video scoreboards

Drivers support system during the race

Personal displays on the go-kart steering wheel

Karting championship management

PixelTiming software for karting allows the management of championships, GP races and other types of events in a simple way.

Management of championships

GP racing

Separate a group in different races depending on the track capacity and manage the results to offer joint lists

Different modes of organization and combination of drivers

Karting championship management
Kart garage control

Garage for karting

Our garage management module for karting offers detailed information on your karts condition at all times. Keep your fleet up to date without needing to be aware of all the details. Our solution informs you of everything you need.

Control of hours of use, races and laps of each go-kart

Alerts and notifications for maintenance

Control and monitoring of repairs. Time and materials used

Stock management of spare parts

Task planning

Karting track App

With our application for smartphones, your track operators will not have to be in front of the computer anymore. The best App to control the activity on karting tracks on the market provides you with unrivaled functions so that your staff can perform all the necessary operations while moving freely through any area of the circuit.

It performs all race management functions just like the PC software

Kart assignment

Race planning

Start and control of races in real time

Report printing

Speed control and shutdown of karts

Control of flags and track lights

‘Merge’, merger of karts

Kart track app


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