Permanent installation of FIA and FIM homologated digital flags, starting lights and other solutions

Year of installation






Track Length

4,005 meters

Products and services used

17 FIA and FIM homologated digital flags, 1 starting light, as well as other solutions

Detailed info

The Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Cheste, Valencia, recognized the need to enhance its illuminated signalling system and turned to Pixelcom® for this vital upgrade. The new digital safety solution comprises 17 Grade 1 and 2 LED panels, endorsed by both FIA and FIM according to the latest FIA 3504-2019 standard. This system includes a start traffic light, consoles, acoustic signals, radars, and race information panels strategically positioned across the circuit to accommodate its various configurations.

This new system significantly boosts safety at motorsport events held at the venue. Before Pixelcom® ‘s installation, the track lacked this required solution, prompting a necessary technological update as per international motorsport federation guidelines.

With a seating capacity of 165,000 spectators, the Circuit Ricardo Tormo is renowned for hosting prestigious events like the Gran Premio de la Comunidad Valenciana.


”Safety is at the heart of our concerns and we want to continue working on it so that the Ricardo Tormo circuit remains a world reference. That is why this year we have decided to renew our signalling systems as required by the international motorsport federations. The system manufactured and installed by Pixelcom, has proved to be very reliable and efficient, everything is connected to each other, which makes the dynamics much easier.” 

Gabriel Berruga, Sporting Director of Circuit Ricardo Tormo