Karting Booking: an essential tool karting business software

Revolutionize Your Karting Business with Software for Timming Karting !

In today’s fast-paced karting industry, having an efficient online booking system is crucial. Discover how Pixeltiming’s cutting-edge software for karting takes your business to new heights.

Why choose our Software for Karting Companies? 

Explore the distinctive features that set Pixeltiming apart, making it the go-to choice for karting businesses looking to enhance their operations.

Precise Control with Software for Karting Reservations:

  • Manage capacity and availability seamlessly, avoiding overbooking pitfalls by synchronizing local sales with the online system.

Tailored Experience:

  • Ensure a smooth racing experience by preventing incompatible kart categories from sharing the track simultaneously.

Effortless GP-Type Product Management:

  • Streamline the sale of Grand Prix-type products with multiple races per pilot, effortlessly handling all associated scheduling rules.


Why Opt for PixelTiming’s Karting Booking Software?

Pixeltiming offers a range of advantages for both karting businesses and users, making it the software of choice.

For Karting Businesses:

Efficiency Unleashed with Software for Karting Operations: Free up valuable time by eliminating the need to handle reservations through calls, emails, or messages.

Anywhere, Anytime Access with Cloud-Based Software: Access booking lists and details at your convenience with a cloud-based system that ensures flexibility.

Boost Sales with Flexible Booking Options: Support multiple reservations simultaneously, empowering users to make bookings on their terms.

Payment Ease with Software Integration: Include a payment platform or enable on-site payments, reducing manual handling and streamlining operations.

For Users:

User-Friendly Experience with Karting Software.

Real-Time Availability Checks: Stay informed about track availability in real-time, eliminating unnecessary trips and calls.

Effortless Check-In Process: Experience a hassle-free check-in process, skipping additional paperwork and heading straight to the counter.

Stay Informed with Automated Notifications.

Configurable Options with Pixeltiming’s Karting Booking Software:

Explore the flexibility offered by our software, allowing you to tailor settings based on your business requirements.

Flexible Scheduling for Karting:

  • Set available hours or days based on business needs, optimizing the booking system for peak performance.

Driver Limitations for Enhanced Control:

  • Specify the number of drivers eligible for online booking, ensuring optimal track usage.

Product Customization for Varied Offerings:

  • Customize products, from basic tickets to complex Grand Prix packages, for a personalized user experience.

Notification Controls for Effective Communication:

  • Modify email recipients for booking or cancellation notifications, enhancing communication efficiency.

Language Preferences for Seamless Integration:

  • Choose the default language for application loading, providing a tailored experience based on user preferences.

Promoting Your Karting Booking Software

Discover effective strategies to spread the word about your advanced karting booking system.

  • Website Integration for Seamless Experience
  • Social Media Blitz
  • Member Outreach through SMS or Email
  • On-Circuit Advertising with QR Codes
  • Mobile App Integration for Added Convenience

Ready to Elevate Your Karting Experience? Try Our Software for Timming Karting Booking Now!