PS-DIGIT Personal displays for karting Offer your customers a complete karting equipment. Install a personal dashboard on the karts showing each driver’s times and offer them direct information to control their session and times. Number of elapsed laps Position in the race Elapsed/remaining minutes Includes all the control and shutdown functions of our PS-SPEED devices PS-SCREEN […]


PS-SPEED Kart control system Karting shutdown transponder The shutdown control system for karts powered by a four-stroke petrol engine allows you to control the karts at the track, limiting the revolutions of the engine and dissuading drivers from performing aggressive maneuvers or reckless driving. It works with Honda GX and compatible engines, increasing track safety and avoiding […]


Timing software for karting PixelTiming track management solution is the most complete on the market. It offers a large number of functions to perform routine tasks comfortably and easily. Our timing software for rental karting adapts to any track operation you want to use in your business. It incorporates many features that will make your day […]


Pixelcom’s pit lane control system is composed by a series of devices that can work together or stand alone to assure the maximun safety and fulfil the regulations in the Pit Lane area. Key features: Pit Exit light system to assure a perfect control of vehicles access to the main track. Pit In lights system […]


Also known as “digital flags”, Pixelcom’s led panel safety lights are used as variable message display. They may display flat colors (green, red, yellow, red, etc.) and graphical information (checkered flag, black flag, mechanical problems, un-sport conduct, etc, combined with vehicle number). In adittion, they have a back repeater to provide information for marshals, race […]


Pixelcom’s Starting Light System allows all starting procedures for FIA and FIM circuits. The system fully complies with FIA’s Appendix H, 2.4.6 for Starting Lights and the procedures for racing use. Key features: Latest technology LEDs for perfect vision in all weather conditions. Controled by Remote control console and Race Control Software Control procedures prior […]

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● Wireless starting lights complying with CIK-FIA Karting regulations ● The starting lights are composed by 2 orange lights placed next to the 8 red lights ● The starting lights are composed by 2 orange lights placed next to the 8 red lights